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Frequently Asked  Questions


Q:  What is Pallet-Nu?
A:  Pallet-Nu is a blend of EPA registered, and FDA approved ingredients when combined forms an all-natural cleaner that will keep your pallets clean for months to come. Ingredients are on the FDA GRAS list.


Q:  How safe is this product?
A:  Pallet-Nu will not harm the environment because we use all-natural ingredients that when combined form a powerful environmentally friendly cleaner that completely breaks down into all-natural materials after use.


Q:  What is the difference between Pallet-Nu and other products in the market?
A:  Pallet-Nu is totally a Green Product, unlike most products with chemical-based ingredients. Also,

Mold will no longer grow back on the treated surface.


Q:  How is this product sold?
A:   Pallet-Nu is offered in powder form that mixes with water to desired strength:

2x1 Gallon pails that mix together to make a total of 64 gallons ready to use solution.

2x6 Gallon pails that mix together to make a total of 400 gallons ready to use solution.

Q: What do I get when I order the product?
A:  You get the security and our guarantee that you are using the very best and safest product on the market today for your cleaning needs. Not only will Pallet-Nu work better, faster and easier, but you will save time and money because after cleaning with Pallet-Nu there is no need to use kilns to dry the wood and there is no need to store them under large storage sheds. After your pallets are cleaned simply store them outside.

The more it rains on them the cleaner they will become.


Q: How do I mix Pallet-Nu?
STEP 1: Mix 4 oz of Part A, and 4 oz of Part B With one gallon of water.

STEP 2: Mix thoroughly until powder is dissolved and clear. 

( or you can mix 2 oz of part A and 2 oz of part B into one gallon of water )
STEP 3: The mix makes 1 gallon of ready-to-use solution.


Q: How do I clean the worst Stubborn black mold stains from wood, lumber, or pallets?
STEP 1: Mix 8 oz of Part A, and 8 oz of Part B with one gallon of water.

STEP 2: Mix thoroughly until all powder is dissolved and clear.
STEP 3: Dip the lumber or pallets in the solution for 5 to 10 minutes.

STEP 4: If stain still exists then, keep products dipped for an extended time, until clean.

STEP 5: Remove lumber or pallets, and let them dry. (Do not Rinse)


Q: Can I use well water for the mixture?

A: Yes, you can use any kind of water, but keep in mind that our formula does not like any chemicals, minerals, or impurities. Some of our customers use filters due to bad water quality. 

Q: Can I use hot water to dissolve the powder?

A: Yes you can, because the powder will dissolve faster in hot or warm water.


Q: How much product do I need to order?
A:  The product amount will vary depending on the volume of pallets your company will be cleaning.


Q: How do I apply the product?
A:  You can spray, brush on, or dip. We recommend dipping for full coverage.


Q: How long do I keep the pallets dipped?
A:  We normally recommend 5-10 minutes, but depending on the condition of the pallets, you may require more than 10 minutes.


Q: Do I need to scrub the pallets after being dipped?
A:  No, with Pallet-Nu, there is no scrubbing or pressure washing needed. All you have to do, just spray or dip and rinse, and you may not have to rinse either: simply keep the solution on, and it will shield it from the element.  


Q: What do I do if a pallet is very dirty?
A:  Enviro-Tech recommends that if your pallet is covered in mud or dirt then you should pressure wash, or rinse it clean with water before using our product. This will greatly reduce the cleaning time needed.

Q: Do I have to dry pallets after being dipped?
A:  No, we recommend storing them outside wet.

(The more it rains on them the cleaner they will become.)


How many companies would tell you to store your cleaned pallets outside in the rain? 

Q:  Do I have to keep my pallets in the shade after being dipped?
A:   No, you can store your freshly cleaned pallets anywhere you like.
Enviro-Tech recommends that you stack your cleaned pallets outside so that the sun and rain can contact them. The rain will reactivate Pallet-Nu making your pallets a little cleaner every time it rains on them.


Q:  How long does it take for the pallets to dry after being dipped?
A:   Normally within 1 to 3 hours depending on weather conditions and types of wood used.


Q:  How long does it take to get the product after being ordered?
A:   Normally within 5 to 10 business days depending on the location and volume of product ordered.

Call for details 

Q:  How much does this product cost?
A:  Our prices are not hidden, they are on the online store, but Enviro-Tech has different price levels for volume buyers. Please call one of our salespeople or send us a detailed email with the quantity desired. 


For any other questions you may have please contact us:


PHONE: (770) 450-8708


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