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About Enviro-Tech


    Enviro-Tech was established in 2007 to solve the increased demand for mold and mildew problems and the effect it had on the environment and the life of human beings. For many years people and companies are still using bleach products to clean mold knowing it is a cancer agent & does not work, because Mold comes back, destroying our environment. Our goal was to come up with a solution to this problem and save the world and the environment for our children.

   Enviro-Tech was founded to cover the demand for Mold free pallets in the pallet and shipping industry. Enviro-Tech specializes in the development of products for cleaning and restoring multiple surfaces. We have developed the best Mold and Mildew Green Cleaning Products that actually work unlike any other product in the pallet industry today.

    Enviro-Tech is very proud to introduce its Green Product called Pallet-Nu. This product has undergone extensive testing for the past 12 years and has no equal in the industry today. Our ongoing testing with wooden pallets for the past 12 years led us to the production of our product known as Pallet-Nu. Pallet-Nu is a one-step cleaning product used for wood, plastic, and composite pallets, and offers superior protection from the elements of Mold and Mildew as well as the removal of mold and mildew stains.

In response to industry needs, Enviro-tech is setting the bar even higher. Our staff has over 45 years of combined experience in the Chemical, Mold, and wood industries. We listen to our customer’s needs and respond accordingly.

   Our goal is to provide environmentally friendly, and affordable solutions that actually work! Cleaning the mold and mildew from pallets or lumber using our Green Cleaning products is safer for the employees, and meets even the toughest government regulatory standards.

   We can offer total cleaning and protection solutions to our customers. Time and labor constraints might require cleaning long before the actual sale and shipment of your pallets or wood. We offer Pallet-Nu as the cleaner, and in response to customer demand. Time no longer has to be your enemy.

Mold and stains removed, employee and environmentally safe, and complete solutions are offered here.

Where else can you find a partner who can bring you this peace of mind?


   Enviro-Tech can provide quick and easy shipping to all of our customers nationwide. 

Please call us for more information or to schedule an onsite demonstration of our products.


PHONE:          (770) 450-8708

TOLL FREE:  (888) 985-3363


ABOUT | United States | EnviroTech Enterprises

     We have a team of experts that came up with the solution of Mold & Mildew Green Cleaning products to save the environment and the world.

     Our products are totally green, it was used for many years by professionals and by professional remediation companies to clean mold and mildew.

     We are very excited to see the demand for household enthusiasts who have been using our products to rescue their homes from being demolished.

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