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Mold and Mildew Green Cleaning products

Mold and Mildew
Green Cleaning Products




EnviroTech Eco-Friendly Mold & Mildew Green Cleaning Products, Providing Stain Removal, and protection of the treated surface, 

using Green biodegradable Cleaners that won't harm humans, wood fibers, pets, grass, or plants.

Once the surface is treated the right way with our product, it will never revert back!!!!!

Which company can say or claim that about their product !!!!!

Pallets, Lumber, and Mold Remediation 

Green Cleaning Products 


  • Green biodegradable products

  • Cleaner and protector in one product

  • Ingredients are on the FDA GRAS list

  • Products that actually work

  • Mold will no longer grow back on the treated surface 

  • Safe application to end-users

  • Cost-effective with better results than most products

  • Removes the worst mold and mildew stains

  • Rids the wood of weathered silver graying color

  • Can be used on multiple surfaces

  • Safe for humans, plants, and animals

  • Will not harm the environment

  • Can be used on most types of wood and composites

  • Restores wood surface to its natural beauty

  • Breaks down into oxygen and water

  • Can be sprayed, dipped or brushed on

  • Long term solution

  • No toxic fumes or smell

  • Does not affect clothing or garments

Black Mold solutions and prevention

Wood samples have been treated in 2010 and they are still clean until today even after being exposed to the worst conditions and element

Silver Greying Removal on Contact

The Powerful Foaming action of Pallet-Nu for the weather- greying pallets

how to remove mold and mildew from wood

Restores wood or any surface to its original color by removing the  Black Mold and Mildew stain

Mold and Mildew are one of the biggest issues in the world; since most cleaning products are chemical-based that do not work or solve the mold issue. Enviro-Tech aim was to come up with a quick solution to this problem by developing the most effective products and discrete formulation to solve this issue, and to cover the demand of Mold and Mildew Green cleaning products. Our products will work on most affected surfaces that have mold, it will react to the Mold only not harming the surface.
Just spray and let the product do the work, watch the power of the foaming action !!!
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