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Frequently Asked  Questions
Pallet-Nu Sealer Concentrate


Q:  What is Pallet-Nu Sealer Concentrate?
A:  Pallet-Nu Sealer Pallet-Nu Sealer Concentrate is a professional-grade polymeric wood sealer designed to prevent moisture penetration on the surface of the wood. When cured the coating is mold and mildew resistant.                                                                                           

Q:  How is this product sold?
A:  Pallet-Nu Sealer is offered in:

5 Gallon pails 

55 Gallon Drum 

275 Gallon Tote

Q: How do I mix Pallet-Nu Sealer Concentrate?
A:  Spray Method: For power, 
spray systems dilute Pallet-Nu Sealer Concentrate at the rate of

1 part concentrate with 50 parts of water.  

      Dip Method: For the dip, tank dilute Pallet-Nu Sealer Concentrate at the rate of

1 part concentrate with 100 parts of water.

Q: How do I apply the product?

A:  You can spray, brush-on, or dip. We recommend dipping for full coverage.

      Spray Method: Spray Pallet-Nu Sealer on the surface to be treated only until the point of run-off.

In general, low-pressure equipment (max of 165 psi) is recommended for spray applications.

A moderately fine spray, not an aerosol or fog, generally provides the best coverage.

      Dip Method: Stack the wood to be treated on a suitable holder and convey the stack into the treating solution making sure the stack is completely immersed.

Q: How long do I keep the pallets or Slats and stringers dipped?
A: We normally recommend
dip times should range from 30 seconds (individual pieces) up to 10 minutes (bundled wooden article).


Q: What do I do if the pallet is very dirty?
A:  Enviro-Tech recommends that you clean the surface to be protected by blowing or sweeping to remove sawdust, dirt, and/or grime. 

The surface must be free of sawdust, dirt, oil, grease, paints, or anything that would prevent direct 
application of
Pallet-Nu Sealer
For thorough pre-cleaning of the surface, we recommend Pallet-Nu Cleaner which contains a special blend of surfactants for maximum surface penetration. 


Q:  How long does it take for the pallets to dry after being dipped?
A:  Normally within 1 to 3 hours depending on weather conditions and types of wood used.


Q: How much product do I need to order?

A:  Product amount will vary depending on the volume of pallets your company will need to be sealed. 


Q:  How long does it take to get the product after being ordered?
A:   Normally within 5 to 10 business days depending on the location and volume of product ordered.

Express shipping is also available. Call for details 

Q:  How much does this product cost?
A:  Enviro-Tech has different price levels for volume buyers. Please call one of our salespeople or send us a detailed email with the quantity desired. 


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